Study Abroad            Estimated Cost: < $4,583.79^

^ assumes 6 credit hours & 8 people

This study abroad program will take the classroom to the Pearl of Orient – Hong Kong, a great place with a diverse variety of geographic landscapes: a highly urbanized area with large expanses of greenery; a cosmopolitan city where “East meets West”; a deep natural maritime port surrounded by mountains; an inactive volcanic region designated as an UNESCO Global Geopark; a shifting ecosystem between temperate to tropical maritime situated at Pearl River Delta;  a world-class trade center seasoned with local traditional Chinese markets; once a British colony that transformed into Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China under “one country two system”; an international transportation hub that facilitates the flow of people, capital, cargo and ideas. Throughout the educational tour, the students will relate lecture-based knowledge to the field experience.

GEO 4310/5308 | GEO 3333 | GEO 4335 | GEO 4390/5390

+ GEO 4427

* Students can take any of the above courses up to 7 credit hours from this study abroad program 

Program at a Glance (June 8-26, 2020)

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