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Study Abroad            Estimated Cost: < $4,556.71^

^ assumes 6 credit hours & 10 people

This study abroad program will take the classroom to the Pearl of Orient – Hong Kong, a great place with a diverse variety of geographic landscapes: a highly urbanized area with large expanses of greenery; a cosmopolitan city where “East meets West”; a deep natural maritime port surrounded by mountains; an inactive volcanic region designated as an UNESCO Global Geopark; a shifting ecosystem between temperate to tropical maritime situated at Pearl River Delta;  a world-class trade center seasoned with local traditional Chinese markets; once a British colony that transformed into Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China under “one country two system”; an international transportation hub that facilitates the flow of people, capital, cargo and ideas. Throughout the educational tour, the students will relate lecture-based knowledge to the field experience.

GEO 4310/5308 | GEO 3333 | GEO 4335 | GEO 4390/5390

+ GEO 4427 (with a pre-requisite of C+ in GEO 3426)

* Students can take any of the above courses up to 7 credit hours from this study abroad program

Program at a Glance ( July 5-24, 2021)




  • What is the current situation in Hong Kong (HK)?

    • Currently, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) issued a travel advisory of “Level 3: reconsider travel” due to COVID-19 (see more info below). Please check the DOS webpage to stay in touch with the latest development. The video below highlights my recent exploratory trip in Hong Kong during Jan 3-15, 2020

  • What about the COVID-19?

    • As of November 11, 2020, there has been a total 5,428 confirmed cases and 108 death in this 7+ million people megacity. HK is among the regions with the lowest infection rate (~ 0.07%) and mortality rate of (~0.001%). ​However, HK does not allow US travelers to enter right now. With a positive outlook, it is expected the travel restrictions will be lifted as pandemic situation improves by next year. To stay in touch with the latest development, you may follow the HK COVID-19 dashboard and CDC.​

  • Is the HK study abroad program still a go in Summer 2021?

    • ​Yes it is. While the situation is still unfolding, it is hard to foresee what will happen in July 2021. As an international financial city important to many regional and world economies,  it is unimaginable if the current situation will continue or get worse by Summer 2021, 18 months since it began in January 2020. We are also considering different virtual programs as part of a contingency plan. I will closely monitor the situation and evaluate the options.

  • Will the study abroad program be safe in HK?

    • ​Student safety is of utmost concern in the study abroad program, I will keep monitoring the latest development of HK and make a decision by February 2020 - the program will only continue if travel advisory is safe to do so. We will avoid any foreseeable conflict areas with protest and/or civil unrest. Most sites in the planned itinerary (e.g. GeoPark, wetlands, museums) are located in rural and/or safe areas where protests are unlikely. As a local native born and raised in HK, I am confident to lead the study abroad program safely in compliance with the travel advisory issued by the Department of State. 

  • I will be graduating in May 2021 (or I am not a TxState student). Can I join?

    • ​Yes, you can register the study abroad program as a non-degree seeking student. As long as you are taking 6 hrs or more this summer, you will be eligible for the IEF Scholarship which the Education Abroad Office oversees.

  • When should I register for this study abroad?

    • ​If you are interested in the study abroad program in HK, you should register NOW! This way you will be guaranteed a seat and also apply to financial aid and/or scholarships while it is still available. Please observe the cancellation policies of Summer 2021 programs from Education Abroad Office.


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